Australia Parent Visa

This visa allows parents to migrate to Australia permanently to join their children who are living in Australia.

This visa requires that you be sponsored by your child, or another eligible sponsor, in Australia.

This visa is for you if you are a parent of a child (natural, adopted or step child) who is a settled Australian citizen, settled permanent resident or settled eligible New Zealand citizen and:

  • at least half of your children are permanently resident in Australia

  • you have more children living permanently in Australia than any other country

Your spouse and other family members may be included in your application if they meet certain requirements.

This visa allows you and your accompanying spouse and dependent family members to live as permanent residents in Australia.

You can also:
  • work and study in Australia

  • receive subsidised healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

  • access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods)

  • be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria)

  • sponsor people for permanent residence (subject to waiting periods)

Applicants for non-contributory parent visas may have to wait many years before being granted a visa, as the Government limits the number of places available each program year. To manage demand fairly, people who apply and meet core criteria for the grant of this visa, are placed in a global queue.

Because of long waiting periods, applicants may choose to apply for a Contributory parent visa where applicants (or their sponsor) pay a much larger visa application charge and Assurance of Support bond. Applicants (or their sponsor) are contributing to Government revenue and helping to offset some costs placed on the community by parent migration. The Government also limits the number of places available for Contributory parents each year, but there are more places available so the waiting period for grant of a Contributory parent visa is much shorter.