Australia Retirement Visa

The Investor Retirement Visa Program enables people over 55 years of age who are able to support themselves financially to spend some retirement years in Australia.

The Investor Retirement visa provides you with the opportunity to work part-time and enjoy a relaxed and rewarding lifestyle in Australia.

To be eligible for an Investor Retirement visa, you must be over 55 years of age, be sponsored by an Australian State or Territory and have no dependent family members (other than your spouse). You must have sufficient assets to enable you to be financially self-sufficient in Australia, without relying on the public healthcare system or social security benefits. In fact, you must agree to take out comprehensive health insurance with an Australian company to cover any medical costs.

If you are granted this visa, during its validity you can:

  • leave and re-enter Australia at any time

  • work in Australia

  • undertake study in Australia.