Australia Higher Education Visa

This Australian student visa is designed for those who wish to pursue a Bachelor's degree, Associate degree, Graduate (certificate or Diploma) in Australia. With more than 35 universities that offer an array of globally acclaimed courses, this Australian student visa offers students a golden opportunity to equip themselves with the necessary skills required to shape their life in future. The eligibility criteria ad privileges are the same as the previous Australian student visa.

Visa Cost: cost A$550.

Financial Requirements: Australian regulations are particularly specific in regard to the costings and conditions of financial requirements. Applicants for the 573 and 574 visas must declare that they have enough money to pay for travel, tuition and living expenses for themselves, their partner and dependent children for the duration of their stay in Australia.

They must also have enough money to support their partner and dependent children, even if they do not travel with the applicant to Australia. For instance, in the case of a single student undertaking a three year business undergraduate program, the minimum requirements for this sub class visa assessment level would include:

Travel: Applicant's Return air fare to Australia

Tuition Costs: Course fees for applicant, typically around A$18,000 per annum.

Living Costs: A$18,000 per year

Total: A$36,000 + per annum or at least A$108,000+ over the duration of the entire three year course.

On this basis, applicants need to demonstrate financial resources of around A$108,000+.

Evidence of Funds: Students need to demonstrate that they can cover the total course costs of at least $108,000 for a typical three year bachelor's degree before they are issued with a visa.