NewZealand Visit Visa

If you are visiting New Zealand for a holiday, to visit family, or for short business purposes, you need a Visitor's Visa unless you are a citizen of a country which has a visa waiver agreement with New Zealand (Refer to to Visitor Visa Guide INZ1018'). Under general visitor instructions, visitor must not have been in New Zealand for more than nine months in the last 18 months.
Business visitors can travel to New Zealand on a Visitor's Visa for up to 3 months in any one year. Business visitors wishing to stay longer than 3 months should apply for a Work Visa. Visitor visa holders must not undertake short course(s) of study or training in New Zealand more than 3 months' duration.
In general, visitors to New Zealand who do not intend to work may apply for visitor visas of up to 9 months (in any 18-month period) and might be allowed to stay for a total of 12 months.
Citizens of some countries do not need to apply for a visitor visa to enter New Zealand, if they are visiting for three months or less. However, they are still required to provide
travel tickets of evidence of onward travel arrangements, and
evidence of funds for their maintenance while in New Zealand.

Visa-free countries:
Andorra Argentina Austria
Bahrain Belgium Brazil
Brunei Canada Chile
Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia* Finland France
Germany Greece Hong Kong**
Hungary Iceland Ireland
Israel Italy Japan
Korea (South) Kuwait Latvia*
Liechtenstein Lithuania* Luxembourg
Malaysia Malta Mexico
Monaco Netherlands Norway
Oman Poland Portugal***
Qatar San Marino Saudi Arabia
Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia
South Africa Spain Sweden
Switzerland UAE USA****
Uruguay Vatican City

*Visa waiver does not apply to people travelling on alien's (non-citizen's) passports issued by these countries.
**Residents of Hong Kong travelling on Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or British National (Overseas) passports.
***Portuguese passport holders must also have the right to live permanently in Portugal.
****Including nationals of the USA

Travel to New Zealand as a visitor must be to: Visit as a tourist, see friends and relatives;
Study (one course of up to 3 months);
Play sport or perform in cultural events without pay;
Undertake a business trip; or
Undertake medical treatment.
You must also:

Have a passport that's valid for at least 3 months past the date you are to leave New Zealand;
Be a genuine tourist, and can show evidence of your intention to leave; and
Provide proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay.