South Africa General Information

South Africa offers 3000 kilometres of coastline along with breathtaking mountains - often side by side. The country's diverse terrain, together with an ideal climate for outdoor activities, make it a rich hunting ground for adrenaline seekers.

Introduction to South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world. Tourists flock to South Africa for its natural beauty, wildlife and sunshine. South Africa's immensely varied terrain supports a rich diversity of animals, birds, and plant-life and offers an incomparable range of experiences. It's a perfect place to enjoy your holiday in the beaches, breathtaking drives, or unspoiled wilderness, including the perfect accommodation in South Africa. You can enjoy here:

1. Paragliding
2. Canoeing
3. Rafting
4. kayaking
5. Mountain biking

Size of South Africa

The RSA covers an area of 1,127,200 sq. km - about one eighth the size of the USA, and nearly five times the size of the United Kingdom.